Ever hear the term, 'Were you born under a rock?' Maybe...just maybe this guy is taking this term just a little too far...really far.

A guy in Georgia is taking "ignorance is bliss" to a whole new level.

Joe Chandler is claiming he still has no clue who won the presidential election and he wants to keep it that way.

He told reporters, "It is very peaceful in my bubble of ignorance," adding that he's quite content in the peace he's found in the "center of the cyclone." He says he chose not to hear the Trump vs. Clinton results after being invited to an election night party and he felt so relaxed the next morning that he decided to prolong the news util later that day, then later that week, then ... indefinitely.

Ironically he says it hasn't been hard for him to stay out of the loop because he works at home and has avoided TV, newspapers, and going online. When he does head out he wears a sign that says, "I don't know who won, and don't want to. Please don't tell me!"

I guess he also headphones in case some wise guy shouts out the winner anyway.

Chandler told the Today show that he knows he'll need to give in eventually, but for now he's got no "exact exit plan."

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