This is my 6 wood. Emphasis on "wood." Paul asked me yesterday how many golf clubs that I own. I honestly couldn't tell you. But it's a lot. I'm a hoarder, a danged golf club hoarder. Out in my garage, all together in the same space. Dozens of them.

Keep in mind that I've given away several sets of clubs to friends who are just starting out. So, I've spent a ton of cash on clubs. But not this 6 wood. I bought this at Play It Again Sports back in the early '90s. I paid $6 which I thought was fair. 6 wood, six bucks. OK.

I have always believed that the clubs were the reason that I couldn't get any better. Turns out that practice and an occasional lesson help quite a bit, no matter what club you use.

That being said, I'm probably going to put a left-handed 6 iron and keep it in my bag for those shots that you can't hit right-handed. Saving myself a stroke or two.

For tournaments on the pro tour, you can have a maximum of 14 clubs. It's a good thing I'll never be on tour. I have quite a few more than that. Heck, I own one club that I bought just for the tee shot on number four at Briarwood. I hit it about 210 yards right between two creeks. But, I have also hit it 30 yards left of where I was aiming, topped a couple that rolled off the tee box never to be seen again, and I can't count the number of trees that I've been able to get to from that tee box.

Incidentally, I call my 6 wood "Lester" after my grandfather who got me started in the game. Also, I have cussed him out several times for some poor shots that he's hit.

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