Golfing 101 with Wilson

Today I'm going to educate you non-golfers with what I know about the game that I love that is so bad to me.

Paul and I got on the topic of marking your golf balls yesterday. I ordered a couple of batches with song titles on them. And not titles related to golf. Just songs that I liked. The goal is to be able to tell your ball from others in your group. You'd be surprised how many golfers of equal skill levels play the same brand of ball. And playing a ball that matches your swing speed is important... For some of us.

The best golfer in our group just plays balls that he finds. I'm guessing that he hasn't had to buy golf balls in twenty years.

Coloring Balls

So I buy different colors, mark with a red stripe, or a blue stripe and sometimes I just make dots with a sharpie. I do have a stencil that I can use that claims that I am "The World's Best Dad". So I have options. But usually, my ball is the easiest to find as it's the first one we get to after everybody has teed off.

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If you make a ball mark on a green, fix two of them. Play at a decent pace so that you're not holding other groups up.

I Don't Know Where Your Ball Went

And on the "beer hole" don't be afraid to step on an opponent's ball... to increase your chances of not having to pay for a round at the bar after the match.

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