You have to have the right tool for the job, especially in golf. So I have more than 14 clubs in my bag for some very specific holes.

My six wood is for teeing off and then the second shot over the creek at the Double Arrow Golf Course at Seeley Lake. But this one has no name. Just six wood. I paid $5  for it about 30 years ago.

I also carry a hybrid that I only use at #4 at Briarwood. I hit it a very consistent 220 yards.

My five wood is named "Wild Thing" after the Troggs song. If you're lucky, I will even sing a couple of lines before I swing.

My sand wedge is "Sandman" after the Metallica song. Again more singing.

I call my putter mostly bad names. I should be a better putter than I am, but it's not like I practice.

My ball retriever has been my most consistent club over the years.

You're probably better at golf than I am, but I'm more fun to golf with.


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