I'm talking skiing today. I have retired from it but a lot of people still spend their weekends swooshing down the many ski hills in our state.

No matter what it is, my belief is that you need to learn it while you're young. It doesn't matter if it's playing guitar or something athletic, like skiing.

My folks didn't have money to send the kids skiing so I didn't learn until I was about 23 or so. And it was at a radio station promotion, so it was free.

For you nonskiers, you need to know the rating system for the various trails. Green Circle means that this trail is as easy as it gets. Blue Squares mean that they are a little tougher. And finally, the Black Diamond. These are for good skiers. You know, the ones who have had sticks on their feet since grade school.

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I'm a Green Circle skier. While I'm not going to impress anybody with my ability to zoom down the mountain, I also am far less likely to break a leg while skiing above my ability.

Well, where I learned to ski was at Marshall Ski Area in East Missoula. And up on top, there are a lot of those green runs. Unfortunately, to get down the mountain to the lodge, you have to ski down the main face which is very steep. And when it's icy, it is totally a black diamond.

This is what brings us to the next ski term you need to learn: "Yard Sale". This describes the assorted items of ski gear you leave behind you as you tumble down the mountain. This is my signature move.

And that's why I golf instead. I'm not any better at that than I am at skiing, But at least I don't get frostbite when I'm golfing.

Mark Golfing in Idaho
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