Hey JT. Are you gonna stand up for Montanans? Yeah, come on Timberlake!

Obviously we weren't referring to Justin Timberlake. We were referring to another JT- Jon Tester, the Democrat Senator from Montana.

I caught up with Montana's Senator Steve Daines (R-MT) Thursday morning. Right now, the United States Senate has 50 votes ready to stand up against Joe Biden's federal vaccine mandates. One more US Senator could stand up against the unconstitutional mandates and you've got a majority in the US Senate standing up in support of our railroaders, our healthcare workers, and our troops.

Senator Daines did heap praise on Montana's Attorney General Austin Knudsen (R-MT) who is leading and/or successfully supporting multiple lawsuits against the federal mandate. So far, the 5th Circuit ordered a halt to Biden's OSHA -enforced vaccine mandate.

Sen. Daines: I'm proud of our Attorney General Austin Knutson for standing strong on this battle. I'll tell you what, here's something we should remember: the reason OSHA is standing down at the moment is because what happened in the Fifth Circuit Court, because they are the ones that placed the temporary hold on this until the hearing can be held in the Sixth Circuit Court. This is another reminder about how important that time that President Trump was in office and the judges that we put on the bench. Remember, we moved hundreds of circuit court judges, Supreme Court judges at the federal level that are lifetime appointments. And if you saw that Fifth Circuit Court, those were two Trump judges and one Reagan judge that put the brakes on this vax mandate. This is what we always said, when President Trump was in office when he had a Republican Senate to work with we move these judges through and we said, if the left ever gets control of DC, we're gonna have a much better court system here to stop tyranny and overreach. That's exactly what happened.

Senator Daines says he now has a provision known as a CRA, Congressional Review Act, that can be used in the Senate to work to bring a stop to these mandates:

Sen. Daines: It takes 51 We've got all 50 Republicans on it here and we need one Democrat, just one, and we'll stop this in the Senate. I can think of wanting probably tell the initials to the listeners there as well. If you got one Democrat Senator we put the brakes on this.

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