If a dog named Spike was born on the same day as Cat Country was born, Spike would be 210 years old today!   Cat Country is 210 dog-years old today – that’s 30 human years!  Cat Country 102.9 turned on the microphone and started broadcasting over the airwaves on March 1, 1988.

Mark & Paul would become famous in Billings as The Breakfast Flakes.  Most listeners don’t realize that Mark & Paul didn’t really know each other before they were paired up for the morning show on Cat Country.  In the radio industry, being with the same morning show partner, on the same radio signal – with the same format for this many years is very unusual.  The Breakfast Flakes are like radio’s unicorn!

What were you doing in March 1988?  How old were you?  Here’s some general information to help jog your memory.  Ronald Reagan was President.  George H. Bush was Vice President.  On March 1, 1988 the temperature outside was 39 degrees at 7am that morning, the high would get to 48 degrees that day.

We have all kinds of memories combined over the last 210 dog years of Cat Country.  Mark & Paul have been sharing some of the highlights all week.

We would love for you to share your memories about Cat Country.  30 years old is a special birthday!  Call Mark & Paul at 248-5665 and tell us what stands out the most to you as a listener!



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