Too Many Damn Taxes

So I still keep thinking about this $143 million they want to tax you for new recreational facilities and I'm thinking... is that really our priority right now?

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What Is Happening In Our Schools?

If you missed it, Billings Police had to investigate a bomb threat Friday at one of our elementary schools. As it turned out, it was not credible and classes resumed. Then on Friday, a gun threat at the high school was received on social media with a picture.

After investigating the student who was identified, The student was questioned and then was arrested after resisting police at the school. When we had Dr.Garcia in a few weeks ago, he was trying to make security a bigger priority for the school district.

He would like to see a school policeman at every high school and every junior high school. The problem of course is ...funding. Once again, I go back to the $143 million they want for recreation. Even at a related level, we could use more jail space to keep these bad people off the streets.

Maybe Think Before Spending

People are not going to want to move here if we have a reputation for unsafe streets and unprotected schools no matter how much recreation the city provides. Maybe the Billings Chamber should consider how that would make the city inviting to new families, rather than a Hockey arena.

Public safety and education will always finish higher on the list at least for most people who really care.

See ya tomorrow at 5

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