You know I'm not on the air at Cat Country so it might seem weird to you that I'm blogging about another station, but Cat Country happens to be one of The Hawk's sister stations.  So, every morning when I get to work I get to see the Breakfast Flakes.

Let me tell ya that at first, for a newbie to the market, these two were intimidating.  They have been working here forever and they have huge ratings.  But, they really are the nicest guys you could ever ask to meet.

I listen to The Flakes in the morning and enjoy Mark's laugh. Genuine, contagious and just what I need most mornings.  You've seen the YouTube videos of the babies laughing and how it makes everybody in the room laugh.  I think Mark's laugh has the same effect on people.  Below, 15 seconds of Mark's laugh, guaranteed to make you smile.

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