I started in radio about 27 years ago and have been doing it for most of my working life.  Like any other job, it's definitely had its ups and downs, but for the most part, I've always loved it. I wasn't shocked to see it on USA Today's list of the Worst Jobs in America because it's getting tougher every day.  Studies show that the overwhelming majority of Americans still listen to radio broadcasts, but for those of us who are unwilling to make a further connection with people in the online world, failure is imminent.

Our parent company figured this out a long time ago. It has actually been part of its core mission since they started.  Every person working on-air also has to make an effort to engage our audience online. It doesn't take a genius to figure this out, but you'd be surprised how many broadcast companies have forsaken this part of the business as though the internet and social media were some sort of fad.

People like the Flakes (there aren't many) will endure for as long as they wish.  If there is something happening in Billings, those two are on top of it before it makes headlines.  Often times, they're the ones making headlines with some sort of community service.  That's the kind of radio that will always be relevant. For DJ's that just play a few songs and go home, I'd say they deserve a spot on the list since there is a short shelf life on that career.

In short, I don't feel I have one of the worst jobs in America, but I can see why it was on the list.  As for the other careers, there are some that may surprise you.  It's at least worth a look to see where you stand.

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