This weekend I was at Shipton's Big R downtown for a live broadcast on Cat Country and I ended up falling in love.  Can you guess with who...or what?

Yup, you got it.  Baby chickens, turkeys and ducks,  they're adorable.  I had to make a deal with the store clerks there to make sure that I didn't end up taking one home!

Baby Turkey's at Shipton's Big R
Tara Nicole

These are baby Turkeys (pictured above).  When they're this little baby chickens and turkeys look very similar. Make sure you are actually getting what you want.  There'd be nothing funnier in my book if you brought home what you thought was a chicken and ended up with a big ole' white or brown turkey!

Baby Chickens at Shiptons Big R
Tara Nicole

These are some type of black chicken.  Adorable, and tiny.  I wish I had room to bring them all home with me.  Although when they grow up, I don't know what I would do with all of them in my house.  Well, other than eat them I suppose.

Baby Turkey
Joshua Price

Just kidding!  The baby Turkey is safe and sound.

What would you do with a baby chicken, duck or turkey?

Tell us where you'd keep your pet Turkey, Duck, or Chicken in the comments.

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