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My first thought to write about today was going to be about all the lavish gifts that I'd be able to give to family, friends, and my community if I won either The Powerball or Mega Millions lotteries this week.

But first, I thought we should look back on the prizes that I've taken home already in my life.

Let's start with board game wins in my family. I am the career wins leader in the Wilson family for the following games: Monopoly, Risk, Cribbage, Crazy Canasta, Careers, and Jacks. Yes, Jacks. I could beat my sister and it drove her crazy.

Mexican Train Dominoes goes to Dad. And Mom probably has the win in Scrabble.

Now, thinking back on prizes won throughout my gaming and contesting endeavors. I never won anything at the fair that didn't come from the ten cent cranes. But I played those a lot. And somewhere in a box in my garage, I've still got  some oversized dice, cigarette lighters, Rubik's cube key chain, along with assorted valuable pieces that only cost me a dime a time.

I won a t-shirt from K-99 in Great Falls somewhere about 1982 that I wore for about twenty years.

This might shock you, but I have played in a lot of golf tournaments. So, I've won golf bags, golf caps, golf umbrellas, double-digit golf clubs, and so many golf balls that I couldn't even begin to guess how many.

I won a half of beef once, and I also own a black powder rifle that I'll never shoot, but it was still fun to win a firearm.

So, are you lucky? Please tell me your favorite item that you've won.

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