As Bobby Bare so famously once sang, "I guess that makes me the winner." I'm sitting here today thinking about all the goodies that I've won over the course of a lifetime.

I've won a few albums from radio stations when I was growing up.  Along with a few radio station t-shirts.

When I first moved to Billings in 1988 I was broke. I was so poor that I couldn't afford to pay attention, the old joke goes. But because Cat Country was a sponsor of the Deaconess Classic, I got to play in their golf tournament. I made an 80-foot putt on number four at Briarwood. The flag prize was one Big Mac a week for a year at McDonald's. So, I ate Big Macs fifty-two weeks in a row. I just had to bring in the letter that they gave me for the manager to sign. And that was also the first prize that I ever won for golfing.

Even though we announce gun winners from TWO organizations on our show, I have never won a gun from either.

I did win a side of beef once from a gentleman who was on our ten to nine thing.

I have know that we had listeners call in with the many things that have won from us through the years. And a couple of you have been winning since the late 1980s when we signed on.

So, I'm kinda interested to hear what you've won from us or just the best item or contest that you ever won.

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