So, how lucky are you? Have you won a lot of stuff in your lifetime?

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UDDERLY Ridiculous

I was checking out the Cat Country app as today we kicked off another cash contest contest. If you're getting the code that we give out each hour starting at 8 a.m. and going to the 5 O'clock hour. Just tap "win cash" then wait for the Seiko watch ad to go away. Then scroll down and type in the proper code for each hour. And if I could figure it out, you'll be fine.

Money? No. Golf Balls? Yes.

Most of my winnings were tied to some golf tournament that I played in. I've won tons of golf balls, one golf bag, and free rounds of golf. Not because I'm a great golfer. But more because I tend to play in tournaments where everybody gets a trophy.

I won a chainsaw this year in the Optimists tournament. Winning the saw was neat. But not as neat as walking through the clubhouse and getting strange looks from golfers who didn't bring their chainsaws with them.

Gambling? No Thanks

I'm not a poker machine/keno machine kind of guy. Most of my dollars go to kids selling raffle tickets for something.

My other notable wins include a few record albums, an umbrella, a side of beef, and a hockey stick.

You Win Big On Cat Country

I know several people who have listened to our station for more than thirty years. And many have won thousands of dollars worth of concert tickets and dinners. Winning on the radio is still a pretty easy way to win contests. You just have to listen to win.

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