I would not call myself a gamble-a-holic but I am very fond of Doodleburger! For just 20 cents a spin I could realize my dreams... of winning $800 (the Montana maximum). Okay, when I think of fulfilling my dreams financially it usually involves more than $800 but I've never even won that much so it would be pretty exciting.

But yesterday I finally hit the jackpot! Okay, not THE jackpot but A jackpot... $50 whole dollars! Hey, don't knock it. A win is a win! I hit three "Free Spins" on the reel which results in a "gusher" which gushes "wilds" all over the place. I had Doodleburgers up the wazoo! (Doodleburgers are the most valuable symbol). I'm looking forward to turning my $50 back into $20. I've done it before and I can do it again... don't even try to stop me!

P.S. The pic above was not Doodleburger because I couldn't find a pic of the game online.

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