Do you have any cash on you? We always have some cash on us because we are old school. Mark and I did a quick little research study around the station on Friday to see how much cash people had on them.

The most anyone else had on them was 14 dollars.

Then guess what happens when people get scared that their card or the number they have in their account could be gone...They rush in for cash. Cash is solid and it always has been. Your number doesn't matter if the bank goes broke.

Credit: Matt Cardy/Getty Images
Credit: Matt Cardy/Getty Images

I saw an article this morning on Cryptocurrency. So many people are hoping that's their ticket to prosperity. You are a gambler destined for disappointment. Most of all the great home run hitters in baseball will tell you they were not trying to hit a home run. They were just looking for a good pitch to hit and make good contact.

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If you are trying to be a home run hitter in your financial decisions you are going to have a really low average.

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I am in no way qualified to give any of you financial advice but all of this tech money and money that is in the cyber world can be gone in an instant. Your cash will always work. It doesn't have to be forwarded or down-loaded or transferred or approved or cleared first... Cash works and all of us should really have at least a little of it around while the internet is down or our phone goes dead.

See ya tomorrow at 5 a.m.

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