The voters of Billings have approved the bond to build a new library. Billings approved the $16 million bond to build the new Parmly Billings Library by a margin of 57 to 43 percent.  It looks like most of the money will be used to fix heating, cooling and electrical problems, but for $16 million, we think the library could include a few extra “features”.  The Breakfast Flakes (and most of our listeners) weren't too keen on paying for a new library, but since it's happening anyway, we asked Mark and Paul what improvements they want to see in the new library.

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    Sanitized Handi Wipes

    Let's face it, we're not sure who wanders in and out of there and handles those books and computers, but they should not be slimy. Or smell like urine. Handi Wipes on every bookend, please.
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    A Hooters

    The plan calls for the library to have a new coffee shop, but we've got plenty of other coffee shops in Billings. The closest Hooters is all the way in Missoula. What better way to get people into the new library than with chicks, beer and wings? We think the choice is obvious.
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    Hot Librarians

    Do we really have to explain why we want hot librarians?

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    Lice Detectors

    Sure, the smoke detectors in the library might need to be replaced, but you've got to ask yourself, are you more likely to see a fire at the Library or catch lice from one of the couches? We'll take the lice detectors.
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    Hey, we know it's crazy, but why not? So what if everybody is there to use the computers? If there's anything left in the budget, maybe, just maybe, we can throw a few new books on the shelves, for those crazy people that still like to "read for fun".


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