We all know that this coming Friday is Valentine's Day. Flower shops will be busy delivering flowers and restaurants are no doubt going to be packed with couples out for the evening celebrating their love. Some will get boxes of chocolates (I mean who wouldn't like a three-pound box of chocolate) or maybe even get the little candy hearts that say sweet things like, QT Pie, Be Mine, Puppy Love, I Love You and #Love. These are all great, but what if you gave candy hearts that told your love or significant other what you really wanted to say? Like, Load the Dishwasher, Take Out the Garbage, Clean Your Room or Fold Laundry? How do you think these would go over?  Just a thought. Valentine's Day is always a little tough for my husband and I as our Anniversary is five days later on the 19th, so we kind of combined the two and call it good. Whatever you decided to give on Valentine's Day, I'm sure whoever is the recipient will love it.

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