It's the old question, are you a dog or cat person?

This one question at times seems to divide people. Crazy, huh?

I used to profess my dislike for cats. I thought dogs were the only way to go. They appreciate you when you get home, they seem to love you to the end with no questions asked and so on.

I still believe that, however, my view on cats changed drastically when my boys convinced me to get one.

It was shortly after our dog was shot. My kids were feeling a major hole in their lives. We came across a cat that was up for adoption and this cat literally wanted to play with them in a way similar to the way our dog had done. They begged me to get this cat and I fought them tooth and nail. I eventually lost and Tom Tom came home with us that day.

To my surprise, this cat was more than enjoyable to all of us at home. I couldn't believe how my views on cats changed so quickly with Tom Tom.

It's been a couple of years since we got him and now with the addition of two more dogs our family is huge and complete. I guess you can say, I am  a dog and cat person now.

Do you prefer one over the other?

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