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A  duel is defined by as, "a prearranged combat between persons, fought with deadly weapons according to an accepted code of procedure, especially to settle a private quarrel."

Now. Am I suggesting that we shoot each other? Of course not. But maybe if you have a disagreement with somebody, you don't cuss each other out on social media. You call that person out. Hopefully, they accept. If not, I guess that you could shame them on those same social media platforms. But if they accept the challenge, you have them meet you at the designated area. Then, I guess we would need somebody to officiate so nobody shoots too soon. Maybe this person uses a whistle to get things started.

You both have been issued paintball guns with hoppers full of about 250 paintballs. Then you two blast away until no paint remains.

Now, if you've never been shot by a paintball, this might seem inconsequential. Trust me. I have and had bruises that lasted months.

"Duel" was also the first "feature-length" directorial debut of Steve Speilberg.

The plot is that a traveling salesman {Dennis Weaver) apparently angers a truck driver in a tanker truck who then spends the rest of the movie blocking Weaver when he tries to pass the truck. I know that it doesn't sound terribly scary, but it was to me.

So next time some "keyboard warrior" who thinks that he can call me a name and not have to worry about any repercussions, he will be getting challenged.

This just might teach you the respect that you should show folks.

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