As we once again approach one of the worst seasons in my existence, which is political season, I am wondering about equal time.

There's an opinion where a PSC hopeful is attacking a current member of the board criticizing his attendance and voting record. Will the attacked get to tell his side of the story in the same amount of column inches as he was attacked in?

I know that the paper also ran support letter after support letter for the moist recent request for more tax dollars for our schools. And people voted it down. So, were there no letter of supprt sent to the Gazette? Or they just weren't published?

If we attack somebody, we invite them in to tell their side of things.

The big political money is going to start throwing more and more ads at us. Not only here on radio, but also on TV and in the newspapers.

If you don't know how you're voting by now, I wish you wouldn't vote at all.