You can feel the anticipation in Billings, people waiting to bust loose and celebrate life again. As we continue to get back to normal, the response to different events is going to be huge.

First, let me tell you, we will probably have a record number of people who sign up for our annual Flakes Trip in January. It looks like we are going to get it done and there are already people on a list to be notified immediately who can't wait for a week of fun and sun.

You can just feel it everywhere; restaurants are now full again. The concerts coming up are going to be crazy with Toby Keith and Luke Combs in the fall. Homesteader days will have a great show this year with Little Texas and Shenandoah. Even the summer vacation circuit for families I think will start returning to normal after school lets out.

Even the cruise lines are gearing up for sailing again by July. There is an old saying that you never really realize how much you miss something until it's gone. I think we all understand that now a little better since our routines were all disrupted. There are going to be some things though that remain in place for a long long time and there probably isn't much we can do about that.  The anticipation for all of it is at an extremely high level right now and any business that is destined to prosper should be on high alert. It's coming. See ya tomorrow at five as we kick off the weekend.

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