Johnny V.'s Junior Geniuses are students who work hard in school, who are kind to their fellow students, and who respect and make an impact in their community.

This week I'm honored to recognize Kayden Soucy, 8th grade at Ben Steele Middle School, for demonstrating all the characteristics of a Junior Genius.

She just loves helping out kids. Every other day Kayden is helping out the independent living kids at her school. This is her favorite thing of the entire school day. She comes home every day talking about how great of the day she had, just saying hi and talking to the kids. -David Soucy, Kayden's Dad

Credit: Ashley Warren, Townsquare Media

When she's not spending time with friends, Kayden enjoys choir, and has been participating in gymnastics for many years. This year she will compete with Billings Gymnastics School level 6 competitive team.

During a recent visit to Cat Country 102.9, Kayden (13) brought a couple friends from her 8th grade class. One couldn't stop bragging on her. "She sacrifices her time and instead of hanging out with her friends at lunch, she will go and help those who need it," said Riley Switzer.

Kayden is the oldest daughter of David and Melissa Soucy. Her sister Reagan (12) also attends Ben Steele, with Kinsley (9) at Boulder Elementary.

Credit: Ashley Warren, Townsquare Media

LISTEN to Kayden and her friends sing, and talk about how much she cares about other people:

Kayden will receive the official Junior Genius Award, T-Shirt, Gift Certificates from Taco John's, and she'll get to bring friends to our end of school year pool party at The Reef.

Tune in on Monday morning (12/16) when we recognize the next Johnny V.'s Junior Genius.