This week's Johnny V's Junior Genius plans to be a soldier, and a future U.S. President. 5 year old Koy Davis is a kindergartner at Highland Elementary, and was nominated for this award by his 10 year old sister.

My brother already finished the kindergarten math program because he is so good at it. His writing is almost as good as mine and I’m 10. He reads well enough to read to our baby sister every night. He can do really hard puzzles! He also started a running camp at recess and got so many kids to join and actually like running. He is also very nice to everyone, and loves to help people who need it. He is a genius because he is smart and knows how to make other people happy. -Brekk Davis, Koy's sister

When he's not running, or eating his favorite food Watermelon, Koy enjoys playing hockey and is involved with ninja gymnastics.

Credit: Ashley Warren, Townsquare Media
Credit: Ashley Warren, Townsquare Media

Koy is the son of Zach and Megan Davis of Billings. He has two sisters, Brekk (10) and Greer (1).

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Koy wins the official Junior Genius award and t-shirt, gift certificates to Taco Johns, and he'll join us for an end of school year pool party.

If your child did something at school that made you proud, tell me about it so I can brag on your kids.

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