Johnny V's Junior Geniuses are students who work hard in school, who are kind to their fellow students, and who respect and make an impact in their community. 

We're honored to announce the Parsons sisters are this week's Junior Geniuses. Monroe (6) and Mia (12) were both nominated by their grandma Sherida:

Monroe Parsons is a first grader at Elder Grove School. She loves school, especially math. She was mad the first week of school, because they had not taught her to read yet.

Credit: Ashley Warren, Townsquare Media

Mia Parsons is a sixth grader at Elder Grove Middle School. She is on student council . Plays basketball, volley ball and soccer. She was winner of the amazing shake. Her grades are mainly A's with a couple of B's.

Credit: Ashley Warren, Townsquare Media

Izzy Lain, Mia's friend said, "I'm very proud and think it's cool that I have a best friend who has almost perfect grades, and has won a lot of things and is very proud of what she's done."

Credit: Ashley Warren, Townsquare Media

Monroe and Mia are the daughters of Ms. Lindsay Parsons, a 5th grade teacher at Elder Grove School. They both will receive the official Junior Genius Award and T-shirt, gift certificates from Taco Johns, and they will bring friends to our end of school year pool party at The Reef Waterpark.

LISTEN to Monroe, Mia, Lindsay, Sherida, and Izzy stop by with Johnny V.:


Credit: Ashley Warren, Townsquare Media

Did your K-8th grader do something at school that made your proud? Share the story with me so I can brag on your kids.

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