Kylie Jenner tweeted last night that she's "Gotta make it home in time for Father's Day".

So how does this work exactly. Some of us in the media have been browbeaten for not calling Bruce Jenner by his/her new name Caitlyn Jenner. I've actually been called transphobic for simply asking the question "do we call him a her if he/she hasn't had the surgery to turn him/her into a woman yet"? By the way, I'm not saying "he/she" to be disrespectful I'm just hedging my bets.

Seriously, I'm not passing judgement but if he's still got the required plumbing to be a man and decides to dress like a woman before having the surgery are we transphobic for not saying "she" instead of "he"? That's the message I seem to be getting from those in support of the LGBT community. If I am then are they going to beat up on his/her daughter Kylie for celebrating Fathers Day with her dad instead of waiting for Mothers Day? It gets really stupid after awhile.

I'm seriously not hating on anyone and here is my take. He's Bruce Jenner until he gets the "surgery". If he goes through with it I'll call him Caitlyn. I wonder what the Olympic history books will call him? Just sayin'.

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