Children are too young to make medical decisions, period.

This contentious debate going on in Helena about sexual transformation should be over. Children are at no capacity to make sound, rational decisions on anything medical, they do not have the knowledge or maturity yet to do so. Democrats are fighting to allow parents to make those transformation decisions.

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Kathy Kelker (D-Billings) said these kids would be making decisions in conjunction with parents. Dumb. How far could this end up going? Parents could start changing kids just for sports or other reasons besides only lowering rates of anxiety and depression as Kelker said during debate Tuesday, reported by Montana Free Press. We might get into territories that we shouldn't.

We make all the medical decisions for our children now that protect them until they are 18. No smoking, no drinking, no dope, once they become an adult then they can make their own decisions and live with them.

We haven't been doing this long enough to understand the long-term mental effects on a person either. I'm a believer that you can be who you want to be but you have to be a responsible adult to weigh all that comes with it.

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What about the people who identify as cats, should surgery be available to those people to have a tail and long whiskers before they become an adult? We are really playing with something here that will probably lead to more problems down the road.

Let people make such big decisions when they become an adult.

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