We continue our Love Gong Wrong story submissions with what sounded like a dream date for this listener, who we'll call "Elizabeth".  However, this date shows us how your dream date and reality can be drastically different!

A few years ago while I was still on the dating scene, a couple of my friends thought they would have a good time and set me up on a date. Here’s how they sold it to me:

“He’s a FIREFIGHTER, he’s single, and he’s really nice.  He works out of town a lot fighting fires all over Montana.”

“Well,” I thought, “a firefighter! Who doesn’t have that fantasy?!?!” So I agreed to meet him.

I had only talked to him on the phone, so I never got the chance to see what he looked like before our date. We made plans to have dinner.  He left my name with the hostess, so when I got there, she showed me to the table.

I got to the table, and my first impression was, “He has a lot of facial hair, but he is really buff looking.”  Then, as I sat down, I noticed a horrible stench, a mix of way too much cologne and BO, which lasted the entire meal.  During the whole date, he was leaning in to talk to me, and I was leaning away to breath!

He wasn’t very attractive either.  I thought “fireman,” I thought “hot and chiseled body!” What I got was frumpy, really hairy, and not what I pictured at all. The poor guy didn’t have a chance from the start, but i didn’t want to be rude and leave, so I stuck it out.

By the end of the meal, I was ready for some fresh air.  As we got up from the table to leave, I looked back and saw that the guy was two feet shorter than I was!  It made things really weird as we walked out.  When he leaned in for a kiss, I had to turn away.  I hugged him, thanked him for the free meal and left.

I felt bad for the guy, but I should’ve known.  A single firefighter?  HA!

Sorry your date didn't meet your expectations, Elizabeth.  Maybe your friends should have set you up with a doctor or lawyer.

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