There are a lot of things that go wrong in this next "Love Gone Wrong" story.  We'll call this poor listener "Julie," who embarrassed herself multiple times in front of some of our nation's finest Marines.

I had a boyfriend that was in the Marines who decided to take me to the Marine Corps Ball. I had on a gorgeous little black strapless dress, had my hair and nails done, and was all ready to go.

When we got there, we had some appetizers and a drink before they introduced each marine, stating their name, rank, and introducing their date. I apparently ate something I was allergic to in the appetizers, because I started feeling hot & itchy.

By the time they introduced us we had to stand in front of everyone, and I had rapidly progressed to having huge, bright red raised hives all over my neck, face, bare shoulders, everywhere! There was nothing I could do, so I stood and quickly sat back down… so quickly that the back of my little black dress caught the back of my chair, flipping it up and exposing my entire backside!

I was so mortified that I disappeared to the ladies room. A friend came after me and was attempting to put lotion on all of my hives, which now included my upper legs. So, my friend was kneeling with my short dress tossed up so she could get to the hives on my upper legs.  Next thing I know, the wife of the Commanding Officer had walked in to see this girl kneeling in front of me, looking and reaching up the front of my skirt!

After the look she gave us, I had to leave, I was humiliated! Needless to say I'll never hear the end of that story! Nor will I attend another Marine Corps Ball!

It's okay, Julie.  We hear that the guys in the Air Force are pretty nice!

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