Out of all of the "Love Gone Wrong" stories we received, this one is probably the most "wrong" one we have.  We'll call this listener "Maggie," who received some disturbing information that would certainly put the damper on any romantic getaway.

This story STILL haunts me! I was 19 years old and working as a server at a restaurant. There was a boy I worked with that we’ll call "Bryan". I fell hard for him, and hadn't really even talked to him before! Our friends set us up on a blind date, and we went on many more dates after that.

Things moved rather quickly, and I found myself falling in love. We went on a road trip together to Seattle, and began talking about our families. I was talking to Brian about my famous dad.   I cannot mention his real name in this story, because he is very well known, so we’ll call him “Hank.” Bryan interrupted me and said, "Wait, your dad is ‘Hank’?”

I was very confused because I hadn't mentioned my dad’s name before. Come to find out, Bryan’s mom and my dad Hank were married before either of us were born!

I was very doubtful, because my parents are very honest people. I called my dad just to make sure. Even though he insisted that there was no way Bryan was my brother, I did the math and there was a DEFINITE possibility.  Brian and I turned the car around and came back home immediately. He quit his job at the restaurant and I haven't seen him since.

Wow, what are the odds of that?!?!  It's probably best to make sure you're not related to your boyfriend before you start dating, Maggie.

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