Road Trip Dreaming

Driving to work this morning, I felt like not stopping here at work. Today felt like a road trip day.

Back in the day, before I was a homeowner and had no real responsibilities, a guy could just jump in his car after work and hit the road.

Back In The Day

I had a roommate named Tim. (Back in my day, "affordable housing" meant getting between 1 and 4 roommates.) And Tim would call me at work on Friday night and say, "How much cash do you have?" And if we had thirty bucks between us, we'd go on a road trip.

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Now, back in those days, we didn't budget any motel money because we never had that much cash. Plus, the idea was to have so much fun that you didn't sleep anyway. And on those rare occasions when we did actually sleep, it was either in the car or on a buddy's couch.

Road Trip Defined

To me, a road trip is one where you come back the same day that you leave. For instance, I could walk out the door here today at 10 and run to Bozeman. But I'd still be back at my place at bedtime.

It's Different Now

For me, times have changed. I've always got "motel money" these days because sleep is important. I don't leave town without my golf clubs. And instead of eating at an "In & Out Burger," I'll order a steak. These are better days.

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