I've always said that I've got the best job, but even this job has its pitfalls. Usually, it's little things like not being able to print anything in the control room. It was inconvenient, but I didn't actually die. By the way, we're printing again. But my least favorite thing about working here happens every four years: political ad season.

The off-year elections aren't as bad, but years like this one when we're voting for president and the hotly contested Eastern District senate seat—you've already heard the ads, I'm sure. Quick question... why aren't you qualified for office in our state if you're born in a different one? Asking for a friend. That doesn't seem to make any difference to most of us.

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Years ago, radio stations didn't have to play political ads if they chose not to. Now, you have to. And unlike a lot of radio stations, Paul & I are live 100% of the time, so we have to sit through every ad that plays.

We're in a unique position where we get to have the candidates on our show and get to know them a little bit. But not all of them are brave enough to take questions without having them approved in advance. Yeah, I don't vote for those folks.

And if you're running for office, let me save you some money: Don't mail me anything. No mailer has ever affected my vote. In fact, I already know who and how I'm voting on everything that will be on the ballot.

I'm Mark Wilson, and I approve this message.

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