When we asked for some ideas on what you'd like us to write about, we got several good responses, including writing about losing a pet that you have had for a long time. One of my Facebook friends had just lost his 20-year-old dog.

My first pet that we lost was our dog, Queenie, when I was 12. I cried for days. She was the first pet we had ever lost.

When I got out on my own, I "rescued" a cat from a gal I worked with, and Peeper would go on to live with me for 19 years. The end of her life was tough on me because you could just see her wasting away until she finally succumbed.

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We talked about it on the air at the time. Perhaps you've heard the Mark cooked her chicken breasts on his George Foreman grill or Mark put his cat in the freezer stories. (I had to do something with her because I couldn't get to the family pet center in Great Falls for a couple of weekends, and it was too warm to leave her outside.)

That's when I learned that there were such things as pet sympathy cards because I got about a dozen at the radio station.

For me, no more pets. My heart can't take it when they die. Heck, I cried when my neighbor's two Mastiffs died. But some people can run right out and buy a brand-new puppy shortly after their dog dies.

As for me, I have cleaned out my last litter box.

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