I've always tried to give as good as I get when it comes to practical jokes. I've had my house TP'd, my lawn forked, and probably the best that I've ever been gotten was a receptionist who worked here a long time ago named Jody. We'd give each other a hard time every day, but nothing too serious.

I used to drink the radio station coffee. I'd also keep a tub of sugar here because I put 2 or 3 sugars in each cup. One morning I got here, grabbed my sugar, went to the kitchen, and poured myself a cup. When I took my first big drink, I discovered that she had replaced my sugar with salt. Well played, Jody. Well played.

I have a golf buddy who cleans his golf bag out every spring. I mean that he takes EVERYTHING out of it, turns it upside down and everything. A few years ago he did that and about 50 range balls came rolling out. Sorry, Roy.

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My favorite was a little back-and-forth with a guy from another radio station. When we moved into this hotel in 1990, there was another radio station up here. The on-air people from each station didn't speak to each other in those days.

The one that was the most irritating had to be here all day and would park on Montana Avenue. He'd try to get down to the street every two hours to feed his meter but didn't always make it. So when I saw that he had a parking ticket stuck under his wiper, I'd just grab it and throw it away. He had enough to worry about.

One day he came out to plug his meter and had "the boot" attached to his front wheel. Angry doesn't begin to describe how mad he was. The thing is, he STILL doesn't know what happened.

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