I am a pretty happy guy this morning…yes, I remembered my cell phone today. And yes, my trip to New Orleans is only 6 days away. But that’s not why I am smiling.

It’s because of the two little passes that showed up under my office door this morning. Two passes that will allow me to see and do everything at the Montana Fair this weekend….who knew two pieces of plastic could be so powerful and not have a Visa or American Express logo on them?!?!

I am excited about the arrival of the fair. We’ve all been assigned stories to cover. I drew the tough job of checking out all of the fried foods that are available this year…tough one I know.

Now I’ve been doing some research on the Google machine – checking on what’s trending at the Fairs this year for food…I want to go in with some knowledge of what to look for.

So far one of the intriguing food items I’ve discovered is called “Comet Corn”, described as a “futuristic caramel corn made with liquid nitrogen. This icy-cold popcorn is crispy, crunchy, sweet & salty and leaves a trail of comet dust when exhaled out of the nose and mouth,”

Deep fried olives and fried pickles with chocolate are also a big item this year at fairs around the states.

I can only hope they are all at the Montana Fair! That and a bottle of Pepto.

Look for my follow up blog to be posted this weekend.

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