I'm not giving up.

This morning, we gave away some tickets to the concerts at the Rosebud-Treasure County Fair. The Fair has been running since 1906 and was only canceled twice. In 1934, the Fair was canceled due to drought which led to an invasion of grasshoppers and crickets. Then again in 1945, they had to cancel because they were using the Fairgrounds to house German prisoners of war.

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Too Many Fees

The one thing they have been doing right is FREE admission. They have a lot of things that we have. The Mighty Thomas Carnival rides, free entertainment, and of course food. Yup... FREE. The Montana Fair should also be free.

We pay plenty of taxes, and their revenue would double if people did not have to pay $12 to get in. People would go at night just to eat... that's revenue. Can you imagine how many times the kids would go if they did not have to pay every night?

Yellowstone County Day

Here's an idea... why don't you just try it for one night? Give it a shot. Call it Yellowstone County Day. Everyone that is a resident of Yellowstone County gets in free. Pick one of your lowest attended days to do it.

It's time to re-invent the fair and since we're not at war and can't make money housing prisoners, let's try free day. You might be surprised by what it may show you. At least do the token thing so people can go in at night, spend two hours and eat, then leave without paying admission. It works for lunch... I'm just saying...

See ya tomorrow at 5

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