So many things were covered this morning it's hard to pick one that we need to emphasize a little more.

Number one, it sure would have been nice to have metal detectors out at West High on Wednesday, that way 1,350 kids wouldn't have had to stay home because of a threat.


When our legislature convenes in January the Republicans will have a supermajority in the House and Senate. Add that to a Republican Governor and a $2.4 billion surplus, NO excuses it's time to get things done.

Gov Gianforte and The Breakfast Flakes
Credit: Jack O'Brien, Gov. Gianforte's Office

Don't waste time picking a new state soup or some other dumb ass thing, get it done. We need to update all the outdated rules and regulations we have still on the books for 100 years. Like legal marriage and sexual consent at 16, that should be 18 now. We don't die by 40 now as we did in 1905.

Also, we need academic standards set up to graduate in Montana. We are failing our youth not having them ready to face life after high school.

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We also need new incarceration facilities to handle more crooks and get them off our streets.

We also need to emphasize and standardize all of our election laws. We can't have people in Missoula deciding to stop counting votes because their people have had a long day, it all needs to be the same.

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There has never been a better time to accomplish what has to be done to make our state better than right now.

I hope all of you have a blessed Christmas and a Happy New year and we'll see you when we get back bright and early at 5 a.m.

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