As a salute to Dr. Seuss, I'll start today with this.

Do you think that we should still be masking? It's the question everyone's asking.

We are getting stories about those with masks on glaring at those who don't. And sometimes even making comments to unmasked folks.

I'm over it. I don't patronize any business that still requires a mask, except for groceries, because I gotta have food.

Our governor has rescinded our mask mandate. So why are we having disagreements?

If you want to wear a mask, then feel free to do so. I believe my governor, so I don't mask up.

Private businesses that require a mask can do that because they own it and get to make the rules for what happens under their roof.

I personally believe that everybody was willing to help out last year in March & April. But we've done our part and we "non-maskers" want our world back.

Maskers believe that masks work, so they shouldn't worry about somebody without a mask, especially when they are six feet or more away. Because six feet works, right?

Everything that I've written here today is a summation of what listeners have conveyed to us at the radio station. And there is a lot of frustration.

On a lighter note, I appreciate those of you who went the extra mile while masked up and tried to make light of having to wear one. I saw masks with huge, oversized smiles on them. I saw masks that looked like the mouth of an Irish Setter's mouth. Very cute. Thanks for the effort.

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