What's your "stuck" story? Or stories.

On the first Flakes trip, we had an altimeter go bad on our aircraft. I don't know much about airplanes, but knowing how high the plane is flying seems important. So instead of getting home that night late, I spent the night in Tulsa. Nightlife, not so much.

On our last cruise, I was sitting and talking to Paul when we felt the ship cavitate. And it lost power. We could feel it right away. Long story short, we got back to Tampa late. Our travel agent got most of our group on different planes and got them home. But we were going to spend a little more time in Tampa.

And Tampa has a bunch of 5-star restaurants, an awesome shopping center that was a free shuttle ride away, and they also have Busch Gardens. And Bush Gardens is what you get when you cross a botanical garden, a zoo, and an amusement park.

And these rollercoasters aren't like the ones we get at our various Montana fairs. These you can see these from the parking lot.

And they also had all of your favorite Budweiser products on tap. Ice cold and delicious.

And towards the end of our trip, we saw a ranger giving a talk on elephants. I could tell that from a ways off because she had a couple of them standing there with her.

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I learned that elephants play fetch. The ranger kept throwing a tire and one elephant kept bringing it back. Which was pretty interesting to watch.

So, you see kids, sometimes getting stuck somewhere isn't all bad.

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