Facial hair trends come and go, but beards gained a resurgence in popularity around 2007'ish, when hipsters glommed onto the idea that beards are awesome. WiseBeards.com wrote a great piece about the history of the beard, noting,

Throughout history, beards have been a way of asserting masculinity. Beard trends come and go and are often tied to a specific generation or counter-culture. These trends are also influenced by changes in shaving habits and products.

A few years ago, Wyoming ranked #3 with most beards per capita, but Montana surely has our fair share of hairy-faced men.

Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Do you rock the 'stache, or a full beard?

If you've ever seen a picture of Tom Selleck without his trademark moustache, he's practically unrecognizable. I've never seen my dad without his beard (except for his military picture) and I've only shaved my facial hair once or twice since in my life. Some guys like the convenience of not having to shave, or have a beard to help disguise a babyface, while most of us bearded guys simply like the way it looks. Cosmopolitan said that many women prefer a beard, although some women find them dirty or gross and associate beards with lice (???).

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From cop-stache to full biker beard, let's see what you got!

We're wrapping up the final Billings Bike Night of the season on Wednesday, 9/1 at the Reno Club. Join us for the usual good times, along with an epic beard/moustache competition.

Graphic courtesy The Reno Club

Groom it, trim it, fluff it, wax it up.

If you're rockin' a Wilford Brimley, a Fu'Manchu, a Goat or the classic Lumberjack beard, show it off at the Reno Club on Wednesday for your chance to win some prizes and glory for "the best beard in Billings." The party is from 6 - 9 PM with live music from D'tective, awesome Gyros from the Opa Food Truck, and vodka strawberry lemonades on special. See you there.

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