Dickey's Texas Open-Pit Barbecue opened to much fanfare last Thursday and then inexplicably closed their doors temporarily over the weekend. The good news is they re-opened PERMANENTLY on Tuesday. They are in the location of the old Log Cabin Bakery on Montana Avenue right across from Carter's Brewing.

Their barbecue sauce is the vinegar based variety which is so choice! I recommend it highly. Yes, that's plagarism on my part. Anyway, if you love their BBQ as much as I do I have a cost-saving trick for you... load up on their sauces at their condiment bar before you leave with your take-out.

I did that last Thursday and I heated up some lunch meat at home, heated up some of the sauce, poured it over the meat and slapped a couple of pieces of white bread on it and VOILA... BBQ sandwich! Of course Dickey's is better because of the smoked meat but a guy living on his own loves to have a shortcut to a good meal that's cheap so I thought I'd share.

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