Have you got your Christmas shopping done yet? These days if you haven't by now, then you are the exception to the rule. If you're listening to the national news, they are hyping the shortage of presents that are sitting in those cargo ships parked off of our shores that are awaiting truck drivers to get them to their destination.

My Christmas shopping is mostly gift cards and cash these days, especially since kids these days can navigate the internet and get exactly what they want with the cash.

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I had some time Sunday morning and I thought that I would hit the X-mas section at Walmart to see what was new for the upcoming holiday season.

The main thing that stood out to me was how many choices that are now available for artificial trees.

Credit Mark Wilson, Townsquare Media
Credit Mark Wilson, Townsquare Media

Gets yours in plain green, fake flocked, pre-lit with clear lights, pre-lit with assorted colors of lights, and you can even get Christmas trees that aren't even trees. They are cones that are decorated.

In fact, on Walmart's website, there are twenty-five pages of choices of Christmas trees.

One thing that you won't have near the options on is NFL Christmas tree ornaments. At the heights store yesterday, they had a display with dozens of ornaments, but they were all Russell Wilson, the Seahawks QB.

Credit: Mark Wilson, Townsquare Media
Credit: Mark Wilson, Townsquare Media

In past years I've hit the after-Christmas sale trying to get stocked up on gift wrap, bows, name tags, and figures for my little village that I set up in the living room next to our tree every year. I am sufficiently stocked up with all of those goodies for the next twenty or so years.

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