A new service is being offered by the Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter that will place cats, that aren't suitable for adoption into locations that are having issues with mice.

The YVAS Working Cat Program is a "mutually beneficial partnership for at-risk cats and humans needing rodent control," and they describe at-risk cats as "feral or semi-feral cats, house-soiling cats, etc."

While we commonly refer to these at-risk cats as “working cats” or “barn cats”, we don’t limit our adoptions to just barns!  Our working cats are ideal residents for all kinds of locations such as barns, stables, warehouses, shops, arenas, breweries, garden centers, chicken runs, etc.  While they may not make ideal house cats, they can make for great mousers!

The working cats are free to adopt, and delivery of the animals is also provided up to a one-hour drive from Billings.

For those who are considering bringing one or more of these barn cats to their residence, you must be able to provide the following:

  • Shelter in a barn, garage, outbuilding, etc.
  • Daily food and water (cats cannot survive on mice alone).
  • Long term veterinary care.
  • A secure place to keep the cat(s) confined for the first two weeks while they acclimate to their new home.  YVAS can offer adopters a large kennel for this transitional period if needed.

All the working cats are vaccinated, spayed or neutered, and ear-tipped, according to the Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter.

If you're interested in having barn cats delivered to your residence, CLICK HERE to get more information from YVAS.

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