Today's topic is "cooking for one."

I'm a single guy who likes to cook. But If I make something in the crockpot, I have to keep eating the same thing for several days. And because I'm stubborn and hate to waste food, I'll just keep eating until it's gone.

I have tried meal prepping, but that doesn't seem to be for me either.

Then I ran across an ad on Facebook this morning promoting a year's worth of meals delivered to your door.

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And here are a couple of thoughts. First and foremost, I don't know if these meals taste good or not. I remember my grandpa talking about how terrible the Army issued rations were back in his day, so I'm immediately suspicious.

In this particular kit, the way the meals are broken down by number, I'm not so sure that I WANT to eat creamy stroganoff 64 times in a year. The same goes for the 520 servings of buttermilk pancakes.

The good news is that with a year's supply delivered to my door, it would be just a hair under $3,000. But when I got to thinking about it, that sure would cut down my number of weekly trips to the grocery store by a large percentage. I would really only have to go for milk or salad.

That part doesn't sound terrible.

I'm curious to see if anybody has eaten these types of meals and if they're any good.

In the meantime at Mark's house, it's gonna be crockpot bbq ribs along with Traeger 1-2-3 ribs, because the 3 pack of ribs from Costco is a lot of meat.

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