The Yellowstone County Animal Shelter was overwhelmed this past weekend when they discovered that had 19 dogs needing rescuing from a single location.

According to the post on the Facebook page, the organization couldn't disclose details of where the dogs came from or their condition but pleaded for the community to donate clean towels, blankets, and puppy pads for the rescued animals.

With that simple request on social media and the huge heart of Montanans, the Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter was overwhelmed with donations for the items requested.

Wow you all really showed up for us! Grateful is an understatement. We are once again overwhelmed with the quick response and support from this community! -Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter via Facebook

According to the request for needed items on Facebook, some of the rescued dogs have a need for special food, so the shelter asked the public specifically for "Science Diet Puppy," brand and wouldn't be accepting other "brands of foods/treats" for these dogs.

How can you help the Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter?

For anyone who would still like to help the Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter, the organization said via Facebook that paper towels are always wanted, but the current need is for the medical care of these animals. To find out more about making a financial gift to this local non-profit, CLICK HERE.

Volunteers are also currently needed at the Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter. If you would like to give some of your time, the shelter posted that "caring for so many animals takes a lot of time and we are always grateful for extra hands."

To find out more about becoming a Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter volunteer, CLICK HERE to get more information.

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