In light of #MeToo and the like, many things with questionable sentiments are being called out and hyper scrutinized in order to avoid offending people or perpetuating bad behavior. Baby It's Cold Outside was called out because the lyrics make it clear that the lady is trying to leave, but the male singer doesn't seem to know that "no means no". Honestly, the only part of the song that is really questionable is the "what's in this drink" line, but still, some groups were very vocal about their disgust with this particular Christmas favorite. So much so that many radio stations removed it from their holiday playlists.

I saw this version of the song today and thought it was definitely worth the share. I in no way want to belittle sexual harassment and am a firm believer in "no means no", but as a guy it has gotten a little scary to even try to ask for a date or, God forbid, be alone with someone for the first time. This song kind of sums up that fear pretty well. Enjoy!

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