I read today that the classic (and most popular) Valentines Day candy, the conversation hearts, will not be produced this year.  Those classic candies were manufactured by Necco which went out of business last July. The company name was acquired by another company, Spangler, but they were unable to get the production set up in time for Valentine's Day this year. They say they will return in 2020; a smart business move when you consider Necco was producing about 8.5 billion of them each year.

I did find these on Amazon and they're listed as "Classic Flavor", but the reviews don't jive with that. Honestly, I don't think I've actually consumed one since the 4th grade, but I have a vague recollection of the white ones having a minty flavor and the others being pretty much indiscernible from one another.

For the record, if you do find these on shelves, just realize that they are likely leftovers from years gone by.  That may or may not affect the taste.

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