I am usually not a huge pizza eater, but when I do partake, I will indulge in a slice or two of Meat Lovers or Herb Chicken Mediterranean pizza. I was having lunch the other day with some coworkers and they ordered a pizza (I had a salad) and I kid you not, the pizza not only had cheese curds on it, but it also had one of my favorite foods (or is it a condiment): gravy.

OMG gravy. And like that wasn't enough, it also had french fries. Yes, you heard that right, french fries. Where does one get this pizza? Hooligan's Sports Bar in downtown Billings. It's called the Pub Poutine Pizza and comes with BBQ Brisket, fries, green onions, cheese curds, gravy and mozzarella on a cheese base. Be still my heart. Let's face it if you can put gravy and french fries on a pizza and on thin crust to boot, I'm all over it.

This made me start to think about what types of pizza I like and what ingredients I feel don't ever belong on a pizza. I like pretty much everything on a pizza, except anchovies and cilantro, and I'm also still straddling the fence about pineapple. I don't know that I have a favorite pizza place in town or anywhere for that matter. I know that Wilson from the Breakfast Flakes raved about Howard's Pizza in Great Falls and Aaron Flint from Montana Talks always talks about Eugene's Pizza in Glasgow and Nalivka's Pizza in Havre. I would say that thin crust is my favorite type of crust. I do, however, like a good stuffed crust with cheese too. What's your favorite pizza or pizza place?

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