I have never been a fan of changes in my food. Never have. I've been ordering the same menu items at the same places that I eat since I was old enough to order my own food.

At Wendy's, I always got the number 2 combo, no mayo or tomato. At Taco treat I get 2 tacos and a beef enchilada. I don't care what the other choices are on the menu. I also don't care what today's special is. I already know what I'm eating.

Back when I worked at Pizza Hut in high school, their Supreme was my favorite pie to eat. One night they changed the type of pork sausage, mushrooms, and onion the recipe calls for. I was heartbroken. I don't order those anymore.

So, now I see that's Wendy's is going to change their french fries. Let me first say, yes, it is sad that I have a favorite french fry. I prefer to eat them in the dining room because instead of getting your ketchup in packets, you can fill 3 of those cups with ketchup and the proper amount of pepper and salt. It's ideal for dipping. (why isn't somebody putting pepper in the ketchup in the packets when they make them?) Wendy's needed to make their fries last longer without getting soggy. So, that's what necessitated the change.

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Arby's curly fries are my number two and the steak fries, served endlessly at Red Robin are third on the list for me.

Please don't mention chili fries in your comments, because they are another food group altogether. They will get their own article one day.

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