We got notice this morning about I-90 being closed westbound near the top of the pass. And the frustrating thing when that happens is that no matter who you are, you're not going anywhere until the road is cleared and safe to drive on again. In these circumstances, I've seen people back up and cross the median and go back the other way. Which is both dangerous and illegal. And from what I hear in law enforcement, "Well, everybody else was doing it" will not get you out of the ticket.

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I was running late for work one morning and I ran a red light that had been red for a couple of seconds.........right in front of a Billings City Police Officer. He pulls me over and says "Mr. Wilson, I HAVE to write you a ticket". I said "Well, you should. I'm guilty." He laughed and said, " I gotta tell you. I never had anybody say that to me".

The way people speed doesn't bother as much as people on their damned phones while they are driving. I wish more tickets were written for those who are on them. While driving I watch folks around me and a majority of them are on social media. And  I'm just as guilty. I check text messages. I watch/listen to Marco Polo's. But I do take my calls through the Bluetooth. Which, to me, is still a distraction for some. I've always believed that not all drivers are created equal/ And for them, just driving should get their undivided attention.

Then, you people driving around with your cat sitting on your neck. Or your dog (or dogs), I'll address you another day.

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